Adidas Releases Jerseys for Euro 2020 Host Cities (and Then Some)

With the pandemic-delayed Euro 2020 soccer tournament finally set to kick off on June 11 in Rome, adidas has released a series of jerseys honoring each of the 11 host cities, plus a few more.

Soccer blog Footy Headlines posted photos of all 15 jerseys last week. Most are inspired by the national flag of each city, and have large triangles on the shoulders that are split into blocks of colours from those flags.

A few — like Amsterdam, London, Munich and Rome — appear to be more inspired by iconic national team jerseys and have adidas’ signature three stripes down the shoulders.

These jerseys have clearly been in the works for a while, as there have been a few changes to host cities that are not reflected in the series:

  • Matches in Spain were initially to be held in Bilbao; however, they were moved to Seville, Spain, after officials in Bilbao were unable to provide assurances about allowing fans to attend. Most jerseys in this series have the city name on the back under the number 10; however, an updated photo of the back of the Spain jersey is not available.
  • Matches originally scheduled for Dublin, Ireland, have been moved to St. Petersburg, Russia, as officials in Dublin also could not assure fans would be able to attend.
  • There are no matches scheduled to take place in Paris, France; however that city is included in this series. That may be because Euro 2016 was contested in France, with the final taking place at the Stade de France in Saint-Denis, a suburb of Paris.

And then, for some reason, jerseys for Los Angeles and New York have also been included. Being outside of Europe, these cities are not hosting, nor have ever been considered to host (from what I can tell), Euro 2020 matches. It may simply be an opportunity adidas took to sell jerseys in North America.

Check out all 15 jerseys below:

The final of Euro 2020 will be held on July 11 at Wembley Stadium in London, England.

Photos courtesy Footy Headlines; Euro 2020 graphic courtesy UEFA