Bridgeport Islanders Reveal New Name, Logo, and Uniforms

The American Hockey League’s Bridgeport Sound Tigers this afternoon announced the team would be changing their name to the Bridgeport Islanders effective for the 2021-22 AHL season. The team’s name now matches that of their NHL affiliate of twenty years, the New York Islanders.

Along with the new name, the Islanders introduced a matching new logo and it’s precisely what we reported it would be last week, a B/hockey stick combo within a blue and orange circle and ISLANDERS arched around it below. Uniforms match those of the NHL’s Islanders with the logo swapped out.

“From the ‘Stick B’ to our ‘NY Tape’, we are paying homage to our 20-year history as AHL affiliate for the NYI, our commitment to the city of Bridgeport, and our obsession with the game of hockey,” explains the team’s new official website. “(Re)Born out of the 20-year history of AHL hockey in the state’s largest city, the Bridgeport Islanders are officially here … We are strengthening our connection to our parent club, because when it comes down to it, We Are All Islanders.”

That rallying cry added to the end of that statement also doubles as the team’s official website address

LINK: Bridgeport Islanders logos added to SportsLogos.Net

And yes, you’ll note that Bridgeport, Connecticut is NOT on an island (unless you count North America as an island?) This wouldn’t be the first time an Islanders affiliate used the name despite not being surrounded by water on all sides, from 1990-93 we had the Capital District Islanders based out of Troy, NY.

“The Islanders name is synonymous with hard work, accountability and a first class environment from top to bottom, which was established in the 1980s when the NHL club won four straight Stanley Cup championships. A strong development system is imperative to the success of any professional hockey club. Changing the team name to match the New York Islanders, solidifies the direct connection between affiliate and parent club. We are proud to be associated with the New York Islanders, the AHL and the city of Bridgeport as we continue to embrace the opportunity to serve as the true “bridge” for all Islanders within the organization.”

Bridgeport Islanders

The AHL will see a few other changes in addition to the re-named Sound Tigers for 2021-22, the Binghamton Devils (NJ) and Utica Comets (VAN) have played some musical chairs with the Devils moving their club from Binghamton to Utica, NY and the Canucks shifting from Utica to Abbotsford, BC.