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WNBA Unveils New Commissioner’s Cup Logo

The Women’s National Baseball Association will have a new in-season tournament in 2021, it’s the WNBA Commissioner’s Cup and it now has a logo.

Revealed via their Twitter account, the logo shows the Commissioner’s Cup, which is a a gold crown (styled like a basketball net) placed on top of a basketball with a stand that appears to be breaking through the ground (because it’s a groundbreaking tournament… look, I don’t write it, I just report it).

I’m not entirely sure why the second “M” has been cut one-quarter of the way through.

What is the WNBA Commissioner’s Cup? It’s an in-season tournament, a concept familiar to European sports fans but still relatively new to American and Canadian fans. What happens is throughout the first half of the 2021 regular season, a select amount of games will be tagged as “Commissioner’s Cup” games, these games count towards a separate set of standings. Once all the games have been played, we figure out the top two teams and they face off in a one-game battle to determine the Commissioner’s Cup Champions.

What’s the incentive to the players to win a mid-season trophy? A big cash prize! Half a million dollars to be exact, to be split up amongst the winning side, and in a league where most players are making less than $70,000 taking home at least $30k for winning a tournament sounds pretty darn good.