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Exclusive: The Entire 2021 MLB Holiday Uniform Collection

SportsLogos.net is pleased to reveal to you, for the first time to the world, the entire 2021 Major League Baseball holiday uniform collection.

After a year off last season, MLB will once again be recognizing four holidays across the league during the course of this 2021 regular season. As has been the case for several years now, those holidays will be Mother’s Day, Armed Forces Day, Father’s Day, and Independence Day. Players, managers, coaches, and umpires will be using commemorative holiday-themed New Era caps, Stance socks, bats, gloves, armbands, catcher’s gear and in some instances have patches attached to their jerseys.

All of the holidays will be listed below in chronological order, and yes, while Mother’s Day has already passed, I have included it below in the interest of completeness.


The big change this year versus previous Mother’s Day uniforms were to the team caps, with re-coloured pink logos on the crown and a pink ribbon added to the right side. As was the case during the last MLB Mother’s Day in 2019, jerseys were *not* be pink, instead teams wore their standard designs.

Take a look:

The polyester official team coloured cap featured a pink team logo on the front crown and a complementary pink embroidered MLB ribbon on the right side. Major League Baseball is donating its licensed royalties from the sales of Mother’s Day caps to organizations supported by MLB Charities including Susan G. Komen and Stand Up To Cancer.

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A peek at all thirty 2021 MLB Mother’s Day Cap designs:

It was a fairly straight-forward design this year, with teams retaining their typical crown colour some of these changes are hardly noticable (I had a Phillies cap end up just like that design above 25 years ago after I sadly wore it out in the rain for a high school gym class). Meanwhile, the Miami Marlins logo actually looked a little better with the extra pink, I think, it really fits in with the theme of the city and their identity quite well!

The big outlier was the Oakland Athletics who went with an old-English or Gothic styled “O” instead of the usual “A’s”. The “O” appears to be the same as what the club wore on their jersey in 1968, their first in Oakland after relocating from Kansas City. Take a look at that original ’68 wordmark logo here and you’ll see it’s the same “O” as the 2021 Mother’s Day cap.

Caps weren’t the only pink items that teams wore for Mother’s Day, there was also pink wristbands, bats, elbow guards and, of course, pink Stance socks.

The 2021 season is the fifth in which Major League clubs have worn pink uniforms for Mother’s Day.

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For the second season now, the league will recognize Armed Forces Day (Saturday, May 15th) rather than Memorial Day, as an ocassion to wear their camouflage-themed on-field apparel.

This season’s design features a green camo fabrication and military inspired side patch. The front embroidered team logo is colorized in black and white to match the fabric.

The side patch includes the full name of the team above their league and five stars for the five branches of the military — the Toronto Blue Jays cap instead has four maple leaves for the four we have up here. And yes, it does indeed say “LOS ANGELES” on the Angels cap, which I believe is the first time they’ve actually acknowledged their full name on the field since making the switch away from Anaheim.

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Here’s the full league:

And, of course, the camouflage socks from Stance:

Major League Baseball will donate its licensed royalties from the sale of Armed Forces Day On-Field Authentic Collection apparel to MLB Charities to support programs for service members, veterans and military families.

Memorial Day will be recognized as a solemn day of mourning, as it should be, with the simple addition of a poppy patch to team jerseys worn only for games played on Monday, May 31st.


For Father’s Day in June, Major League Baseball and New Era will have players wear powder blue team logos on each club’s front crown and a complementary blue embroidered MLB ribbon on the right side. A blue colorized MLB silhouetted batter is located on the rear.

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Much like Mother’s Day we will see powder blue (rather than pink) accessories – bats, wrist bands, catcher’s gear, etc.

Take a look at the caps:

Again, like Mother’s Day, teams will retain their usual crown colour. Unlike Mother’s Day, the Oakland A’s go back to their usual cap logo. Here’s the full league:

And the socks:

Major League Baseball will donate its licensed royalties from the sale of Father’s Day On-Field Authentic Collection apparel to organizations supported by MLB Charities including the Prostate Cancer Foundation and Stand Up To Cancer.

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To celebrate Fourth of July weekend, big league clubs will wear either a scarlet red or navy blue lid (team preference) with an intricate stars and stripes pattern embroidered within the front team logo.

The right side of the cap displays an embroidered mark paying tribute to where the team calls home (either city or state, depending on the name of the team), the only team to do their own thing here is the Angels who put “ANA” on the side rather than “LA”. All clubs will include USA in between two stars below the location abbreivation except for Toronto, of course, who will have CAN for Canada, with no stars or leaves.

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Speaking of the Blue Jays, their cap design is always of interest for the Fourth of July and this year is no different. For 2021, the Blue Jays cap will pay tribute to both Canada and the United States with their logo featuring an American flag pattern across the bird portion of the design only (note the maple leaf is left untouched).

The Jays have included a U.S. flag pattern this year both to recognize their largely American roster as well as a nod to their temporary shift to playing home games to the United States during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A look at the entire 2021 Stars and Stripes cap collection:

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The socks that will be worn with this cap, again teams will wear their usual jerseys for this holiday promotion:

That’s it for the 2021 Major League Baseball holiday uniform collection, I’m still awaiting word on what will be done (if anything) for Player’s Weekend which would be scheduled for August 27-29 if they followed what they’ve done in past seasons.