Danville Otterbots unveil “cold” uniforms

Outkast asked the question, “What’s cooler than being cool?” and answered it themselves: “Ice cold!” With that in mind, the collegiate summer level Danville Otterbots unveiled today what they’re calling “the coldest jerseys in baseball.” The look is surprisingly simple for a team whose brand is based on robotic river otters.

The jerseys are indeed cold from a color theory perspective, with their only non-neutral color being blue—the only cool primary color, and the only primary or secondary color that exists entirely within the cool spectrum.

The home whites, per baseball tradition, feature the nickname Otterbots in the team’s custom script, identifying in words but not imagery the metallic critters that are emblematic of Danville’s connection to nature and science.

The road jerseys feature a cool, dark gray, with the name of the hometown across the front, also per baseball tradition.

Absent from the team’s uniforms is any hint of the decidedly warm red found in their mascot’s robotic eyes, though you’ll find that color splashed all over the team’s website.

The Otterbots play in the Appalachian League, which was an affiliated rookie-level league until Major League Baseball restructured the minors this offseason. Now, the league will be a collegiate wood bat league operated by MLB. All ten teams in the league were forced to rebrand this past offseason, since they were previously named for Major League parent clubs that they are no longer affiliated with. The Otterbots are among nine of the 10 teams whose new brands were created by MLB. (The Burlington Sock Puppets worked with Dan Simon of Studio Simon.)

The Otterbots will debut June 3 at home against the Pulaski River Turtles.