Winning Streak Sports Heritage Banners — a Trip Through Time to Hang on Your Wall

Everyone has skeletons in their closets when it comes to the kind of bad haircuts and fashion fads that seem to pop up once a generation. Sports teams are no different — most have been around for as long (or longer) than we can remember, and how they look has changed quite a bit along the way. Trends have come and gone, mistakes have been made and quickly corrected. As some of us were sporting a “business in the front, party in the back” haircut we wish we could take back, more than a few sports teams were rolling out a quickly-regrettable, out-of-step 1990’s rebrand.

It’s with that in mind that I’d like to introduce you to a line of products that I’m certain you’re going to love — the Heritage banner series courtesy of Winning Streak Sports. This series celebrates both the memorable and forgettable looks of your favourite sports team.

Imagine being able to reach into your screen, pulling out your team’s logo section straight from and then hanging it up directly on the wall in your office, den or bedroom. That’s what these Winning Streak Sports Heritage banners are in a nutshell, a high quality, embroidered, physical version of our website.

This is a collection of 8 in x 32 in felt banners, each of which shows a detailed evolution of a particular team’s logo history. Each banner will range from anywhere between five to seven logos covering the entire course of a single franchise’s existence as well as the year in which that logo was used. For those teams who haven’t quite made so many changes, the focus will shift to alternate, wordmark, or other commemorative logos of the past to fill in those gaps.

Take a look at their New England Patriots Heritage Banner as an example. The Patriots have basically used just two logos throughout their 50 year history. Appropriately, this banner begins with their original “Patriot Pat” logo, worn during their early years in the old American Football League. From there we fast forward to the rebrand in 1993, the so-called “Flying Elvis” design, and three different versions of this logo — one of the primary logo and two showing different wordmarks used with this design.

For a team that’s seen far more changes throughout their existance, like, say, on the Baltimore Orioles Heritage Banner, we see some more variety in the designs chosen.

The original Orioles logo in the 1950s starts things off, embroidered in incredible detail, but then we move to some thematic art in the mid 1960s. The Oriole Bird was used as more than just a logo during this period, often appearing in different poses in marketing and promotional materials and this banner reflects that era with such a design. We move on to the “slugging oriole” from their primary logo in 1981, then the perched bird from 1989, before we finally end up on the team’s current primary mark, a modernized version of the 1960s cartoon oriole head.

It’s pretty simple, if you’re a fan of logo history (and as a visitor of this site, I think that’s a fairly safe assumption for me to make) you’re going to absolutely love Winning Streak Sports’ line of Heritage logo banners.

This article is a paid advertorial, SportsLogos.Net was compensated for the publishing of this post