Wisconsin Unveils Alternate Uniforms For Shamrock Series Game Against Notre Dame

The Wisconsin football program unveiled an alternate uniform on Tuesday afternoon that will be worn during their Shamrock Series game against Notre Dame at Chicago’s Soldier Field on Sept. 25.

The uniform isn’t a drastic departure from the Badgers’ standard all-white road look, but the differences can be seen in the finer details. 

The helmet features Wisconsin’s Motion “W” logo on both sides with a banner that displays the word “Forward” on top of it as a nod to the state motto, which was adopted in 1851. 

The front helmet bumper also says “Forward,” while the rear helmet number includes the Roman numerals “MDCCCCXII,” which represents the year (1912) that the Camp Randall Civil War Memorial Arch was dedicated as a tribute to the more than 70,000 soldiers who received their training at the site between 1861-65.

We’ll just have to overlook the fact that the Roman numeral for 1912 is actually “MCMXII,” the bumper at least matches the plaque on the arch. The stars on the plaque, meanwhile, can also be seen on the back shoulders of the uniform.

The uniform is complete with a custom number font and stripes on the helmet, shoulders and pants, which are actually just a thinner version of the “Forward” stripes Wisconsin wears on the helmet, sleeves and pants of its standard home and road uniforms.

Check out more photos of the Badgers’ alternate uniform below:

Photos courtesy of @BadgerFootball on Twitter.