2021 MLB All-Star Game Uniforms Unveiled, Worn In-Game for First Time

Major League Baseball today unveiled the uniforms that players will be wearing during the 2021 All-Star Game to be held next month in Denver… and yes, I said “worn during” the All-Star Game. We’ll get to that bit of news after we take a look at the designs.

Despite the fact this game was relocated from Atlanta to Colorado at the last minute, they were still able to work in at least a few references to the game being hosted by the Colorado Rockies though it does seem that a few references to Atlanta may have been leftover when it comes to the colours chosen.

The New Era caps will be dark navy blue with each team’s logo on the crown re-coloured red, white, and blue, behind the logo is a purple star with a white mountain peak worked into each point of the star. The 2021 All-Star Game logo is on the right side:

And now a look at all 30 teams:

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Every team wearing the same navy blue crown with a red and white logo. Why red and white? To better match the jerseys I’m betting, because despite the fact the caps were able to work in a purple mountain for Colorado, the Nike jerseys look to be in the same colour scheme as the now unused Atlanta All-Star Game logo.

A look at the jerseys:

Two button batting practice style. National League in white, American League in navy blue. There’s a floral pattern in the cuff, which I’m still waiting to hear about, will update when I get an explanation for it – the 2021 All-Star Game patch on the left sleeve and an American flag on the right. Not pictured is the back of the jersey which will include stars under each player number to note the amount of appearances the player has made in the Mid-Summer Classic.

Here’s the National League:

And now the American League:

Carrying on the tradition of 2021, yes, there’s an American flag on that Toronto Blue Jays jersey.

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Unlike the past 90 or so All-Star Games, these jerseys will actually be worn during the game itself, (and not during the Workout Monday and the Home Run Derby – players will wear their usual caps for those events). This will sadly end the tradition of seeing all those different clean, crisp, colourful uniforms all lined up together down the baseline during player introductions or meetings on the mounds and in the annual All-Star team photos. Personally I also enjoyed seeing my favourite players wearing my favourite team’s uniform on the worldwide stage, so a bit of a bummer seeing this change happen.

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The 2021 MLB All-Star Game will be played on July 13, 2021.