San Francisco Giants Release New City Connect Uniforms, Towering Above the Fog

The San Francisco Giants introduced their new 2021 Nike MLB City Connect uniform early this morning, a design rising out of the fog to tower above the Bay Area’s baseball scene.

The uniform is set to début during a three-game series this weekend [July 9-11] against Washington, it will then be worn for every Tuesday Giants home game throughout the rest of the 2021 season. It features a modified version of the “G” from the Giants’ usual jersey wordmark on the upper left corner of the chest with a depiction of the famous Golden Gate Bridge on each sleeve and the side of the orange cap. On the front of the cap is the standard interlocked “SF” logo in orange, now trimmed in grey.

With no black whatsoever on the uniform, the new look instead focuses on the orange from the Giants’ usual colour palete, some foggy grey has been thrown in as a trim colour. The uniforms are white (no, not the usual cream worn by the club) which gives the usually traditional-minded Giants a slightly different look while still retaining something which, overall, feels familiar.

San Franciso will wear orange and white uniforms with a fog effect throughout

“Nike forced us to get outside our comfort zone,” Gavin Werner, San Francisco Giants Director of Retail & Authentication told “If we were just to go down the same path of ‘Okay, time to design a jersey’, it was just going to look the same as any of the other jerseys we’ve designed before. Nike is really good about making you think differently, to look at things from a different perspective, and that collaboration ultimately built a better end product here.”

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Two iconic elements of San Francisco were chosen as the primary features of the design, the Golden Gate Bridge and the fog which rolls into the area throughout the summer months, often forcing fans to bundle up when heading to the ballpark.

“We knew that it had to somehow say ‘San Francisco’ more so than some other directions that we could have gone or just by using our usual colours,” said Mario Alioto, the team’s EVP of Business Operations to “The two icons that we settled on, and from the very beginning we were all on the same page, were the Golden Gate Bridge, an iconic structure that people know from around the world, and the fog, which is such a key part of enjoying summertime in San Francisco.”

The Golden Gate Bridge appears on the sleeves and the side of the caps

The overall theme of the uniform is the city rising above the fog, Giants Orange was chosen as the primary colour as it closely resembles [but isn’t exactly the same as] the colour of the Golden Gate Bridge. Throughout the uniform, a white gradient rises up from the bottom around the same horizontal plane — the bottom of the logo on the front, the sleeve details, and even the player’s numbers on the back are all partially clouded in this sublimated mist.

“If you look at the jersey around a horizontal plane, the fog is at the same plane all the way around the jersey,” Werner explained. “So where the fog starts to hit the ‘G’, where it hits the bridge on the sleeve, where it hits the numbers on the back of the jersey, that’s all intentional, and all about creating this one line of fog that you’ll see in the city.”

“Fog is part of the San Francisco summer experience, our fans understand that,” said Alioto. “It’s a different feel to being a baseball fan in the Bay Area and I think that’s why adding the fog is such a big part of this uniform that we’re really excited about.”

“The question was, ‘how do we actually show the fog on the uniforms?’ and Nike really helped with the concept of showing how it creeps up the numbers, the striping on the pants, and the letters on the front. It’s what the fog does to the Golden Gate Bridge, it’s what it does to our building. It’s a big part of what our fans will connect with because it’s what we all deal with.”

The fog effect even shows up on the stripes up the side of the pants

The front of the jersey features the letter ‘G’ and, as mentioned earlier, the logo has been slightly modified from the usual Giants typeface. The goal of this alteration was to give it the appearance of the towers of the Golden Gate Bridge.

“If you look at our normal ‘G’, it’s a little bit fatter [than what’s used on this jersey], and working with the Nike designers, they were taking inspirations that we had already identified, such as the Golden Gate Bridge, and then understanding how we could use that on the ‘G’ to link the two ideas together so that the whole jersey would be created as one cohesive piece,” said Werner. “If we would have just picked out our normal ‘G’ and dropped it on there, it would have looked like it was piecemealed together, whereas designing this ‘G’ with the idea of it resembling the bridge towers, it worked really well to bring this jersey together.”

Though the Giants have dabbled in using orange as the main uniform colour before — it was worn as the colour of their road jersey from 1977 to 1982 and again as a home alternate jersey since 2010 — this is the first time the club has worn an all-orange cap as part of one of their regular team uniforms (the Giants previously wore an orange cap with a black visor for the league’s Player’s Weekend promotion in 2017 and 2018). It will also mark the first time they’ve worn a white uniform, rather than cream (again, aside from occasional promotional and throwback uniforms) since the end of the 1999 season, their last at the old Candlestick Park.

The Giants are one of seven teams who signed up as part of the inaugural class of the new Nike MLB City Connect uniform series, a chance for teams to celebrate their local communities while also challenging the thought of traditional baseball uniform design.

So far throughout the 2021 season, we have seen new uniforms released for the Boston Red Sox, Miami Marlins, Chicago White Sox, Chicago Cubs, Arizona Diamondbacks, and now the San Francisco Giants. Next month the Los Angeles Dodgers will reveal theirs, the last to do so in 2021 before we see a new slate of teams join in for 2022. Teams that revealed City Connect uniforms in 2021 will continue to wear these same designs again, occasionally, throughout the 2022 and 2023 seasons.

“Being one of seven teams to be a part of the City Connect program is very much in line with who we are as an organization,” finished Alioto. “We like to try new things, we like to be trendsetters and frankly, that’s the brand of the Bay Area. A lot happens here, a lot gets created here, and I think that mindset is part of how we approached this particular uniform.”

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The Giants will debut their new Nike MLB City Connect uniform this Friday night at home against the Washington Nationals and then again on Saturday and Sunday. The team will also be holding a City Connect uniform-themed celebration which is free and open to fans, at the Marina Green on Saturday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. which will feature food, music, artistic displays, and special guests. Following this weekend’s series with Washington, the Giants will work the uniforms into a regular rotation, with it being worn for every Tuesday home game the rest of the way.

San Francisco Giants 2021 City Connect Uniform Schedule

Friday, July 9th vs Washington Nationals
Saturday, July 10th vs Washington Nationals
Sunday, July 11th vs Washington Nationals
Tuesday, July 27th vs Los Angeles Dodgers
Tuesday, August 10th vs Arizona Diamondbacks
Tuesday, August 17th vs New York Mets
Tuesday, August 31st vs Milwaukee Brewers
Tuesday, September 14th vs San Diego Padres
Tuesday, September 28th vs Arizona Diamondbacks

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