MLS Lights Up the Night with 2021 All-Star Game Jerseys

Even if Major League’s Soccer brightest stars don’t light up the night at the upcoming 2021 All-Star Game, at least their jerseys will.

MLS unveiled the adidas-manufactured 2021 All-Star Game jerseys on their social media channels on Tuesday, July 6. They will be worn on Aug. 25 as the stars of MLS take on the stars of Mexico’s LigaMX at Banc of California Stadium in Los Angeles.

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The jerseys are black with reflective trim to “shine on a backdrop of black and gold and the glitz and glamour of Hollywood,” according to

The patterns on the front of the jersey are inspired by art deco architecture found around the city of Los Angeles, and are made up of stars and maple leaves to represent both the United States and Canada.

A series of icons inspired by Los Angeles appears on the back collar, including a stars, an ocean wave, a sun and a freeway interchange (seen below at the bottom of a commemorative banner). The number 25 also appears there, to mark the 25th MLS All-Star Game.

The number 25 also appears in the MLS crest on the front of the shirt. An “LA21” patch appears on the right sleeve, just below adidas stripes that wrap over the right shoulder. The logo of shirt sponsor Target appears on the front, along with adidas’s logo.

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LigaMX and MLS stars will also go head-to-head during the All-Star Skills Challenge on Aug. 24. There are also two interleague competitions scheduled for later this year: Leagues Cup 2021, featuring four teams from each league, runs from Aug. 9 to Sept. 20; and the Campeones Cup, featuring 2020 MLS Cup champions Columbus Crew SC versus the 2021 LigaMX champions, will take place Sept. 27 in Columbus.

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