Uniform Matchups Set for 2021 NBA Finals Between Bucks and Suns

The uniform matchups for the entire 2021 NBA Finals have been announced and both surprisingly and refreshingly, there’s going to be some consistency here… at least for the games in Phoenix.

A common complaint I hear from readers (one I make many times myself) is that uniforms for each team in the NBA change too often from game-to-game, so much so that it can be hard to immediately recognize who’s actually playing in the game. For the four games of the 2021 Finals to be played in Arizona, this will not be the case.

According to Lockervision, the Phoenix Suns will wear their black City Edition “The Valley” uniforms for each of their home games — Games 1, 2, 5, and 7. The Suns have worn this uniform for their every one of their home playoff games so far, the last time they didn’t wear their Valley set at home was against the Portland Trail Blazers on May 13th, nearly two months ago.

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As the road team, the Milwaukee Bucks will wear their white Association Edition set for every game played in Phoenix — this uniform is white with “BUCKS” arched across the front in green. The Bucks have worn this uniform for all but one of their road playoff games thus far — the one time they didn’t was when they wore their blue City uniforms at Atlanta on June 27th.

When the series shifts to Milwaukee is when we see some variety…

For Game Three, the Bucks will go with their green “Earned” edition uniforms (a look I personally love) while the suns wear their white Association set.

In Game Four Milwaukee will switch back to the white “Association” uniform which by that point had already been worn on the road for the first two games of this series, while Phoenix changes into their orange “Statement” set.

Moving into the “(If necessary)” phase of the series, as the series moves back to Phoenix, the uniform matchup moves back to Suns in black, Bucks in white for Game 5:

Back to Milwaukee for Game Six, the Bucks now wear their black “Statement” uniform with the “Cream City Rainbow” across the front of the chest. Phoenix counters again with the orange “Statement” set giving us our only colour vs colour game of the finals.

Finally, a potential Game Seven in Phoenix will again give us the Suns in their The Valley uniforms against Milwaukee wearing their white set:

As far as NBA Finals go these days, it’s fairly consistent. Milwaukee is wearing white for five of the seven games, Phoenix is in black for four of seven… these are high percentages in 2021!

Looking ahead to potential “clinch” games…

The Bucks would be wearing their white uniforms if they are able to win the NBA Championship in either 4, 5, or 7 games; a 6-game victory for Milwaukee will see them win it while wearing black.

Phoenix would be celebrating in their black “The Valley” uniforms with a victory in five or seven games, or they’ll be partying with the Larry O.B. while wearing orange if they can pull off the sweep or win in 6.

Please note, these uniform matchups can change. Sometimes teams change their mind last minute, especially if they feel a certain uniform is unlucky or lucky… for instance, if the Suns get smoked wearing their “Valley” uniforms in Games 1 and 2 but come back to beat up the Bucks in Games 3 and 4, we could certainly see them make a change for Game 5.