We’re going to need a bigger boat: Durham to play as Bull Sharks

It’s America’s favorite holiday, Shark Week! A tradition as old as 1988, Shark Week is a time when the nation comes together to watch terrifying movies and documentaries about sharks, and then scientists have to remind us that we’re way more likely to die by choking on a turkey wishbone at Thanksgiving than ever being bitten by a shark.

That said, when it comes to scary sharks, most people think first of the great white, thanks mostly to the movie Jaws, but for pure aggressiveness and likelihood to encounter humans, bull sharks, who can swim in very shallow water and live in both fresh and salt water, are the ones you’d least want to encounter at a dark coral reef.

To that end, the Triple-A Durham Bulls commemorated Shark Week, which this year is July 11-18, by unveiling their latest alternate brand, straight from the Jeopardy! “Before and After” category: The Durham Bull Sharks.

The logo features the Bulls’ slab serif D, but with one of those slabs bitten off by a hungry shark, and the traditional bull passing through the counterform replaced by a horned “bull” shark. (It’s not exactly biologically correct, but neither is anything you’ll see on the Discovery Channel this week!) The uniforms feature a watery pattern and a script BullSharks, along with a cartoon sleeve patch.

The Bull Sharks will take the field August 5 and 6 in games against the Memphis RedBirds.