Who wears short shorts? The Carolina Disco Turkeys

The collegiate summer level Carolina Disco Turkeys have made a significant splash in their first season. The team’s brand, loosely based on Major League uniforms from the ’70s and ’80s—along with a mascot that’s part Disco Stu and all peacock—has been almost universally well received on social media and in merchandise sales. But as their season draws to a close, they’re not done pushing the envelope yet.

Goose Gossage, 1976

The team announced this week that they’ll play a game this weekend in shorts, evoking the ill-fated uniform stylings of the 1976 Chicago White Sox, the parent club of the High-A Winston-Salem Dash, who play their home games in same stadium as the Disco Turkeys. The team will wear their traditional home white jersey and navy game hat, but they’ll complement those with navy shorts and long white baseball socks.

“It’s going to be fun for the fans to see something different, for sure,” team president and co-owner Greg Sullivan said. “You see experiments in summer collegiate baseball sometimes, but we all thought this would be a tasteful and cool one that our guys and crowd will really get into. If we were going to do something weird, we like that there’s an MLB precedent to point to. A popular old minor league team called the Hollywood Stars also wore shorts at games regularly long before even the White Sox.”

The Disco Turkeys will take the field in shorts Saturday, July 17, against the Greensboro Monarchs.