IronPigs to celebrate GM’s love for wiener dogs as IronWieners

The Triple-A Lehigh Valley IronPigs will play a game as the IronWieners pretty much just because their general manager loves wiener dogs. This will be the team’s second dog-themed promotional identity, following in the paw steps of their 2019 IronPugs brand, which the team asserts was the result of typo that occurred when they were ordering merchandise.

“After the typo fiasco back in the 2019 season and the success we saw come out of it with IronPugs, we wanted to again take a day to pay tribute to our four-legged furry friends,” said IronPigs President and General Manager Kurt Landes, quoted on the team’s website. “I love wieners! I love both the hot dog variety and the dachshunds! We’ve been able to combine my love for both with our new bacon-wrapped IronWieners. We now have a combination of baseball’s two best friends—the wiener dog and a hot dog.”

The logo represents a combination of bacon, long a staple of the IronPigs’ porcine repertoire, wrapped around a smiling cartoon dachsund who seems blissfully unaware of his impending fate.

The IronWieners will take the field September 3. The team will sell bacon-wrapped hot dogs during the game, and they’ll auction off hats and jerseys throughout the game.