Baseball’s 2022 Spring Training Logos Revealed

Major League Baseball released its 2022 Spring Training schedules this afternoon, and while I’m sure the details in those are fairy interesting to baseball fans (you can see those schedules here), all I looked for were the logos!

Once again it appears as if the Spring Training logos will feature that of the sponsor Camping World, this will be the fourth consecutive to do so. The logos this year go away from the road-trip theme we had seen in years past, perhaps because they were created during times when travel was discouraged? Instead the logos are fairly simple, the name of the event with a paint brush/scribble effect above, and a cactus and/or palm tree silhouetted within.

The team logos follow a similar theme, from those that we saw (limited to what teams have released, I don’t yet have the complete style guides for the event).

The primary team logos spell out Cactus/Grapefruit League (Giants example above) or Spring Training (Cardinals example), this isn’t an either/or situation, every team in the league would have both options available and it would be up to them to choose which one to use on graphics.

Secondary marks are a little more simple, the splatter of paint includes the team’s two-to-three letter abbreviation with the state name scripted to the right, to the left we have the team’s cap logo (the Rays, interestingly, opting for their glint of sunlight logo instead).

LINK: Major League Baseball Spring Training logo history

Let’s take a look at how this year’s Spring Training logo compares to those of our recent past:

I imagine in the coming days I’ll get more information on these logos with complete collections, at that point I’ll update this post and share!