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Dallas Stars Brighten Their Green, Update Logos for 2021-22

The Dallas Stars are making a change to all of their logos for the 2021-22 NHL season.

Filed directly under “Probably Wouldn’t Notice, Most”, the Stars are adjusting the shade of green used on all of their logos to a considerably brighter shade in an attempt to better match them to their uniforms.

“Didn’t they already match their uniforms?” you may be asking.

Not really. And it really had to do with how colour is presented digitally (such as a logo on an amazing website) versus on a textile (such as a physical jersey or hockey socks or gloves). The Stars are simply adjusting the green on their logo so the digitals match the physicals.

It’s important to note that the uniforms themselves will stay the same, this colour change applies only to the logos used on print and digital media.

“The colour change was made specifically for our digital assets to better match the fabric colour of the jerseys,” Dallas Stars Executive Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer Matt Bowman said to SportsLogos.Net earlier today. “We found that the previous version of our green appeared darker on digital assets, where our unique Victory Green on the jersey really pops and appears brighter.  It’s a small change that most fans won’t notice, but we think it better captures the vibrancy of Victory Green.”

This is now the fifth different shade of green the Dallas Stars franchise has used throughout their 55-season history. The original Minnesota North Stars used a shade fairly similar to what the club is using now from their first season in 1967-68 up through their appearance in the 1991 Stanley Cup Final. The colour was darkened a bit when they went with a predominently black colour scheme in 1991-92 through their move to Dallas in 1993-94. For their second season in Dallas the Stars went with a really dark green and it was during this period that green briefly overtook black as their primary colour from around 1999 to 2007. Green was lightened up a bit in 2013 with the new logo before getting even brighter for 2021-22.