Kansas Jayhawks Unveil Throwback-Inspired Homecoming Uniforms

The Kansas football program will wear new throwback-inspired alternate uniforms for its homecoming game against Texas Tech on Oct. 16.

The alternate uniform โ€“ dubbed โ€œHail To Old KUโ€ โ€“ features a powder blue jersey reminiscent of what the “Kansas Comet,” running back Gale Sayers, wore during his career with the Jayhawks from 1962-64, with โ€œKansasโ€ prominently displayed the chest.ย 

The numbers are primarily blue with white and crimson outlines, while the sleeve caps feature a raised Jayhawk head. The blue helmets, pants and gloves, meanwhile, include a throwback Bowtie โ€œKโ€ logo from 1929.

โ€œThe goal of the uniform was to accurately understand Kansas Football history and the characteristics that are associated with being a Jayhawk, such as Proud, Classic and Bold,โ€ the team said in a press release.

Photos courtesy of @KU_Football on Twitter.