USPTO Filing Shows Possible New National Soccer Team Crest for Mexico

A filing with the United States Patent and Trademark Office may be giving us a preview of a new national soccer team crest for Mexico.

The filing was submitted to the USPTO by the Federación Mexicana de Fútbol Asociación (FMF) on Sept. 4, 2021, and was pointed out on Twitter by user @ReeseCommaBill on Sept. 10. The logo — which appears in grayscale in the USPTO database, as is the case with the majority of pending USPTO filings — shows a stylized eagle in profile with its wings unfurled, perched on a soccer ball in front of an Aztec-patterned ring and atop the word “MÉXICO”. The shade of grey in the Aztec pattern on the right side of the ring is slightly lighter than the left side, suggesting the pattern may be green on one side and red on the other to mimic the Mexican flag.

Courtesy @ReeseCommaBill on Twitter

The USPTO filing asks for exclusive use of the mark in the United States for a plethora of applications, ranging from cosmetic products and cutlery to floor coverings and ashtrays.

The current Mexican national team crest has been in use since 1962, according to its page on It depicts an eagle atop an Aztec seal, with a soccer ball, a green panel and a red panel, all surrounded by a gold ribbon.

A search of international trademark database shows three other alternatives, filed in Mexico on the same day as the one that showed up in the USPTO database.

Possible options that were considered for the Mexican national soccer team’s new crest? (Graphics courtesy

Mexican national teams typically wear green shirts, white shorts and red socks at home, again to mimic the nation’s flag. However, in March 2021, the FMF released new black home kits with pink accents. “Wearing the Mexican pink color represents the cultural richness of our country and the joy of our people,” the FMF press release said at the time.