Colorado Avalanche Make Changes to Road Unis for 2021-22

The Colorado Avalanche are continuing their gradual transition away from black to blue.

Following a switch from black to “Steel Blue” pants and helmets for 2020-21, the Avs this season are going one step further with the elimination of black from the name and numbers on the back of their road white sweaters.

Looking at the graphic above in photos taken from the Avs recent training camp sessions you’ll note the road white sweaters now have burgundy lettering for player names (previously black) and blue numbers trimed in burgundy below (previously black trimmed in silver). The numbers on the sleeves (white trimmed in blue) remain the same as they were last season, as do the home burgundy uniforms.

LINK: Colorado Avalanche logo and uniform history

The Avalanche had worn black pants and helmets with their burgundy uniforms right from the first puck drop in Denver in 1995 up until the end of the 2019-20 season before this now two-season eventual full switch to blue. Heading into 2021-22 the only black on the Avs uniforms will now be courtesy the logos on the jerseys via the puck on their primary logo on the chest and the “O” inside each of their two “CO” shoulder patches.

Joe Sakic wearing the old black helmet, pants with the Colorado Avalanche

Personally I preferred the black on the Avs uniforms but this may be a case of just not quite yet being used to seeing so much blue on their set. Time will tell. Share your feelings in the comments.