Kachina’s Back! Coyotes Announce Full-Time Return of Classic Logo, New White Uniform

The NHL’s worst kept secret is out, the Arizona Coyotes are going back to the “Kachina” logo full-time in 2021-22, carrying over what they’d already been doing at home but now also on the road with a “new” road white sweater.

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Confirmed this morning via a video posted to their official social media accounts, the new Coyotes logo is a straight-up clone of what the team used between 1999-2000 and 2002-03 (the original 1996-97 to 1998-99 version of the logo had used a slightly brighter shade of “Brick Red”). The team switched to the more modern “Howling Coyotes” logo for the 2003-04 and had been using that for the past 17 seasons.

One small difference between this set and the original Coyotes set is their shoulder “crescent moon” logo, originally this logo had “PHOENIX” over the Coyotes wordmark, with the team now known as the Arizona Coyotes the club has opted to omit the location name of the team (not sure why they couldn’t just replace this with ARIZONA). This was also the case with the black alternate “Kachina” uniforms the team had been using for several seasons now.

The change to the new/old logo also gave the Coyotes an opportunity to correct three bizarre errors that had been present on those black alternate throwbacks…

First, the upper stripe on the coyote’s right arm — which is supposed to be purple (as you can see in the screencap above), had been black for the last few years. None of the other jersey stripes were black, just that top one.

Next, a miscoloured skate blade, both blades are supposed to be sand/beige but for reasons unknown just the left skate blade was sienna brown, matching the coyote’s fur, while the right was the correct sand/beige.

Finally, and less of a head scratcher, was the lack of a sand/beige outline in between the coyote’s torso and its arms and stick, the new ones and the 90s originals both had this, the alternate over the last few seasons did not – instead showing just a black space in there.

LINK: Arizona Coyotes logo and uniform history

Whoops x3, regardless, these issues have now all been fixed.

These corrections are the only changes to the team’s new home black version of the Kachina jerseys, posted by the club over the weekend to their Instagram account:

As for a third uniform, apparently the “Howling Coyote” uniform (previously worn as a home jersey) will remain as an alternate set. I can only assume this is due to some NHL rule about how long a uniform set must be kept before it’s replaced. Odds are this uniform will be turfed for good following the 2021-22 season.

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Moving onto the logo change, yes, the Kachina logo is now the team’s primary logo, the moon logo is now the secondary/alternate logo. The howling coyote is gone from the main set, remaining only as part of the third jersey.

The Coyotes are one of three NHL teams to wear a new primary logo in 2021-22 joining the expansion Seattle Kraken and the Dallas Stars who made a slight adjustment to the shade of green.