Source: No MLB Postseason Patch on Caps or Jerseys in 2021

When the Postseason gets underway in Major League Baseball next week, players will look a little more like they did in the old days… way back in the naughty-aughties.

A reliable source has told players will NOT be wearing the 2021 MLB Postseason logo patch on their jerseys nor will they wear them on the sides of their caps throughout the first three rounds (Wildcard, LDS, LCS) of the playoffs.

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This will be the first time since 2011 that there will be no acknowledgement of the Postseason anywhere on the player’s uniforms. Cap patches were first introduced for the non-World Series portion of the Postseason in 2012 and were worn right up through the 2020 season; jersey patches first appeared one year later in 2013 and were discontinued one year earlier in 2019.

Both Postseason patches worn by then-Oriole Manny Machado in October 2016

My source tells me that “major global supply chain issues” are the main reason for the (temporary?) end of the practice of wearing a Postseason patch in rounds one through three. Let’s be honest, with the delays the world are currently facing with production and distribution it would be a nightmare trying to get these patches (especially to retail) on the caps and jerseys of all ten Postseason teams — some of which wouldn’t be known until just a day before they play and possibly eliminated.

World Series patches will still be worn, I’ve been told.

The first World Series patch, worn by the 1987 St. Louis Cardinals in a losing effort

The 1987 St. Louis Cardinals were the first to add the World Series logo as a patch on their jerseys for the Fall Classic, while their AL counterpart — the Minnesota Twins — did not. In 1988 both the Oakland Athletics and Los Angeles Dodgers wore the patch, the first year both clubs did so. Since then only the 1997 World Series saw a team opt out of wearing a World Series patch on their jerseys, both went without that year with the Florida Marlins instead choosing to wear the Jackie Robinson 50th anniversary patch and Cleveland wearing the ’97 All-Star Game patch. Both teams that year instead wore the World Series logo on their caps, a practice which had started a year earlier in ’96 and also continues on into 2021.