NHL Releases 2022 All-Star Game Logo in Las Vegas

The National Hockey League this afternoon unveiled the logo for its 2022 NHL All-Star Game which will be held at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, home of the Golden Knights, on February 5, 2022.

Taking inspiration from the “glitz and glamour of the neon lights and marquee signs on the historic Las Vegas Strip”, the logo carries over the host Golden Knights’ black, gold, and red colour scheme. The main shape of the logo is that of the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada” sign, positioned in a way to suggest the viewer is looking up at the sign.

The “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign served as inspiration for the NHL’s 2022 All-Star logo

Also from the sign is the red glint that soars above it, this glint is also used as the basis of the Golden Knights’ secondary/shoulder patch logo.

The typeface used for the “ALL STAR” and “LAS VEGAS 2022” bits is inspired by the mid-century modern style typography used by many of the casinos located throughout the Las Vegas Strip while the trim around the logo is a nod to the neon tubing commonly seen on those same signs. A pair of crossed, gold hockey sticks at the bottom completes the design.

The Golden Knights will wear a patch celebrating their hosting of the (sometimes?) annual mid-season mini-tournament, their version of the patch will be without the Honda logo as clubs are not permitted to wear advertisements on their uniforms… because that would just be silly!

The Golden Knights are hosting the NHL All-Star Game in just their fifth season as an NHL franchise, which may sound early but several other teams were given the honours quicker than this. The New Jersey Devils, for example, hosted the All-Star Game in just their second season following their relocation from Denver in 1982. Others to beat the Golden Knights include the Blues (3rd season, 1970) and Wild (4th season, 2004).

Meanwhile, Anaheim, Winnipeg, and Arizona are all still waiting for their first All-Star Game.

As we always do when a new All-Star logo is released, a look back at previous games and how the new logo fits in with its recent predecessors:

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