Mavs New City Edition Jersey Leaks

A very high-quality photo of the Dallas Mavericks new 2021-22 “City Edition” jersey leaked out early this morning via the Twitter account @MavsTracker.

The photo shows a white top with the wordmark from the 1980s Mavericks logo straight across the chest, the green ball and cowboy hat from the logo of that era is placed behind the “D” in “Dallas”. Originally this logo featured the hat placed on the “M” in Mavericks and was instead worn on the shorts, not the jersey.

Down each side of the jersey are thick vertical green stripes with three thinner blue/white/green stripes, the collar is green with thin blue trim on the inside. At the bottom of the jersey at the “jock tag” is “MFFL” which is a social media hashtag used by Mavs fans meaning “Mavs Fan For Life”.

The upper right corner features the new Diamond edition Nike swoosh, a one-year-only style worn across the league in celebration of the NBA’s 75th anniversary season in 2021-22.

Nike’s 2021-22 NBA City Edition collection (sometimes referred to as the “Mixtape Edition”) mashes up several different designs over each team’s uniform history to create a totally new look. In the case of the Mavericks the colours and logos of the 1980s and ’90s have been mixed with the striping and number layout of several uniforms worn by the Mavs since the turn of the century.

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