Puma Releases Fashion Jerseys Based on ’90s Video Game

Nostalgia for the 1990s has influenced plenty of kit design decisions in European soccer this season. But the latest line of fashion jerseys released by Puma may be the epitome of the trend.

Rumoured for some time, Puma officially released their “Street Soccer” line of fashion jerseys over the past couple of weeks. The line features ’90s-inspired designs for Puma-sponsored clubs Borussia Dortmund, Manchester City, AC Milan and Olympique Marseille.

Puma Street Soccer was a video game released in 1999 for the original Sony PlayStation and for Windows PCs. It featured 4-on-4 soccer games between national teams played in unconventional settings, like an airport, a parking lot, or a seaport. No matter the locale, though, the court featured hip-high boards off which players could bounce passes — similar to indoor soccer or futsal.

The video game was inspired by similar 4-on-4 Puma Street Soccer Cup tournaments. They were played outdoors in cities throughout Europe in the 1990s.

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Borussia Dortmund‘s Street Soccer kit injects purple into the club’s usual black and yellow colour scheme. The base of the jersey features a yellow and black zigzag pattern, which is overlaid with curved dark grey stripes.

Photos courtesy FootballFashion.org

Manchester City‘s Street Soccer jersey is the only one of the four that features the club crest — in monochromatic navy blue — on the left side of the chest rather than in the middle. The base of the jersey is a pattern of clouds and sky, which is overlaid with grey and white geometric shapes and areas filled with a dark blue static pattern.

Photos courtesy FootballFashion.org

AC Milan‘s Street soccer kit is predominantly black, with a slight tonal checker pattern and three red stripes running vertically down the middle of the front and back. Details like the club crest, “Street Soccer” logo and back number appear in dark shades of grey.

Photos courtesy FootballFashion.org

The base of Olympique Marseille‘s Street Soccer jersey is mostly white, with a faint pattern of club crests all over. A curved blue stripe swoops from the bottom of the shirt to each shoulder on both front and back. The sleeves and sides features a dense blue static pattern and solid blue geometric shapes. The club crest, Puma logo, “Street Soccer” logo and back number are all rendered in orange.

Photos courtesy Footy Headlines

All jerseys feature the number 10 on the back in a jagged block font.

As these are fashion jerseys, they will not be worn in any official matches. As of publication, they are retailing for $140 Cdn on Puma’s website.

Feature photos courtesy Footy Headlines