Hawai’i Rainbow Warriors To Wear Pearl Harbor-Themed Uniforms

The Hawai’i football program will wear Pearl Harbor-themed uniforms for tonight’s game against San Diego State (11 p.m. ET on FS1) to honor the 80th anniversary of the infamous attack on the United States.

The uniforms use a gray and black scheme to “showcase reverence for all those affected,” as well as a stars and stripes pattern on the sleeves to “showcase the true unity during this time in American history.”

The number font, meanwhile, is inspired by the uniforms worn by the 1941 Rainbow Warriors, who went 8-1 that season before many of them enrolled in the armed forces following the attack. 

The pants display President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s “…Will live in Infamy” quote down the right side, as well as 12.7.41 on the right hip to mark the date. 

The uniforms are complete with Hawai’i’s standard black helmet, which includes the Rainbow Warriors’ “H” logo on one side, the eight major islands of the state on the other and their distinctive tapa pattern stripe down the center.

Photos courtesy of @HawaiiFootball on Twitter.