Team Canada Unveils New 2022 Olympic Hockey Uniforms

Hockey Canada has unveiled the uniforms they’ll be wearing for the 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics Games set to be held in Beijing, China just two months from now.

As is the case with all Olympic hockey uniforms, Nike has been tasked with designing and outfitting the clubs.

Let’s take a look at what they had in mind for Team Canada:

The Canadian set features white, black (ugh), and red options — yes, black is an official Hockey Canada team colour, has been for nearly thirty years actually.

Each of designs incorporte two stripes above the elbow on either sleeve with player numbers worn on the ends of the shoulders in a swatch of colour. Two similar stripes are added around the the socks of all three and the waist of just the white and red options, the black jersey has no waist striping.

Within the maple leaf crest (which is BLACK on 67% of these uniforms) are graphic lines to represent how a weather map shows snow and Arctic winds, this same idea has been implemented into the shoulders of the black jersey to also create a maple leaf pattern.

The shoulder pattern forms a maple leaf while representing Arctic weather map lines

LINK: A look back at the 2018 Winter Olympics hockey uniforms

From the Canadian Olympic site:

We all know that Team Canada is a force of nature. So, it’s fitting that the design was inspired by norther storms, which are fast-moving cold fronts that originate from the north and send strong winds south, causing temperatures to plummet rapidly. 

Paula Nichols,

The Canadian Olympic Hockey team will play their first meaningful game when the Women’s Team takes the ice on February 3 against Switerzland in Beijing. The Men’s tournament will get under way a week later on February 9th.