Utah Utes To Wear U.S.S. Salt Lake City-Inspired Basketball Uniforms

Much like the football program did earlier this month, the Utah men’s and women’s basketball teams will wear alternate uniforms this season that are inspired by the U.S.S. Salt Lake City, a heavy cruiser that saw more combat than any other ship in the Pacific Fleet during World War II.

The dark gray Under Armour uniforms feature black numbers with a white outline and a dazzle camouflage pattern in the wordmark across the chest, as well as down the side of the jersey and shorts. That pattern was pulled from the port and starboard side of the ship.

There is a a single battle star below the back collar, while “U.S.S. Salt Lake City can be seen below that on the back of the men’s jersey. The women, meanwhile, have the name of the ship below the numbers.

Both uniforms are complete with the phrase “One Ship Fleet” on the inside of the collar as a nod to the U.S.S. Salt Lake City’s efforts in the Doolittle Raid and at Guadalcanal, Iwo Jima and Okinawa, as well as the Utes’ interlocking “U” logo on the left leg to tie to the university to the ship.

Utah did not announce when its men’s and women’s basketball teams will wear the U.S.S. Salt Lake City-insprired uniforms.

Photos courtesy of @UtahMBB and @UTAHWBB on Twitter.