Norwich City FC Introduces New Crest to Be Used Starting in June 2022

After using the old version for 50 years, English Premier League club Norwich City FC has unveiled a modernized crest that it will begin using in June 2022.

The club announced the change on social media and their website on Tuesday, Nov. 23. It retains all the elements of the old crest — a canary perched atop a football, a lion, and a depiction of Norwich Castle — and the club’s green and yellow colour scheme, but puts them in a package better suited to modern use.

“This is a huge moment in the history of Norwich City Football Club and a real statement of intent for the future. For the first time in 50 years the club will adopt a newly evolved crest, fit for digital purpose, iconic and most importantly accessible for all,” said NCFC commercial director Sam Jeffery on the club’s website.

“It’s a project two years in the making and one that has been treated with the utmost sensitivity and care by those lucky enough to have been involved within the club’s working group.

“Having garnered feedback from numerous stakeholders, both internally and externally, it was always going to be an evolution and not a revolution. We’re extremely proud of the outcome.”

The two Norwich City FC crests, side by side for comparison. (Graphic courtesy Footy Headlines)

The crest was developed by agency SomeOne, which has worked with several other Premier League clubs on similar projects. The simplification of elements and elimination of black keylines “will ensure consistency across all digital, print and physical branding.”

A brand review undertaken by NCFC noted that multiple variations and interpretations of the old crest appeared across different applications, including stadium signage, club stationery, merchandise and websites. The new crest is an attempt to ensure consistent branding across all applications.

An example of NCFC merchandise using the redesigned canary from the new club crest. (Graphic courtesy Norwich City Football Club)

Some of the flaws and technical challenges identified in the old crest included:

  • Inconsistent line weights on the canary, plus details that become illegible in small-scale formats.
  • The “current illustration does not adequately depict a lion” under Norwich Castle. Touching keylines on the lion also create embroidery issues.
  • The ball is not in the middle of the crest, throwing off visual balance.

NCFC officials conducted more than 50 internal interviews as part of the redesign process, and they received more than 5,000 responses to a questionnaire circulated to supporters. They also formed a working group — which included club legend and ambassador Jeremy Goss — to discuss every aspect of the design process. Focus groups were also held with supporters.

“I desperately didn’t want them to make radical, dramatic changes, but I can understand the reasoning behind it and I can understand the reasoning to bring it forward, to shape it into where we are today in 2021. There’s an obvious reason to have that discussion,” Goss told the club’s website.

“I didn’t really want them to tamper with it that much, but make subtle changes. Obviously, the castle and lion were outstanding, as is that huge canary sat on top of that ball, and I think the whole thing really captures what we’re about in terms of the strength and the passion that we have as a football club. It’s in there and I didn’t want them to make dramatic changes.”

The new crest will officially go into use on June 17, 2022, and will feature on NCFC’s 2022-23 kits.

Feature photo courtesy Norwich City Football Club