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Nashville Predators Tease Navy Blue 2022 Stadium Series Jersey

The Nashville Predators posted a video teasing their 2022 Stadium Series jersey which will be unveiled tomorrow (Thursday, Dec 2) at 5pm Nashville time (6pm ET).

In the video we got some quick closeup shots of various parts of the jersey accompanied by the text “NAVY STADIUM SERIES JERSEYS”, so, hey, we know they’re navy going into this… let’s take a look at the rest of what we saw:

In what looks like the inside collar (or the hanger tag), we see the Predators current primary logo re-coloured a bit to remove the gold elements from inside the sabre-toothed tiger head. The gold hasn’t been replaced, simply removed, leaving us with a one-colour blue/white version of the logo (aside from the gold trim). The logo is flanked by a series of gold crescents which could be part of a soundwave pattern. This whole design is placed on a navy blue field.

Moving around to what I believe to be the back of the jersey near the collar we see a new “PREDS” wordmark design in gold on navy blue. The Preds fill this space on their usual home and roads with a “NASHVILLE” wordmark, so the placement keeps that theme going.

LINK: NHL Unveils logo for 2022 Stadium Series in Nashville

I don’t know enough about Nashville to get the reference here, so if this typeface style is in reference to anything there please let me know! A quick Google search didn’t help.

On first look, this appears to be the player name on the back of the jersey — it could also be a wordmark worn across the front of the jersey, we simply don’t know. Your basic gold leterring on navy blue, single-colour.

Lace-up collars on the front, navy blue laces on a navy blue collar.

The Adidas logo on the back at the neck, above the player name/number. Again, on navy blue.

And that’s it! Not much to go on here but looks like we’re getting a navy blue jersey with mostly gold elements and perhaps some sort of music theme worked in (if those are indeed soundwaves on the inside collar). The white Adidas logo on the back makes me think we’ll see a lot of white on this design too, otherwise they’d have made that logo gold, no?

Tune back in tomorrow at 6pm ET / 5pm Nashville time to see the full uniform.

The 2022 Stadium Series game will be played at Nissan Stadium in Nashville between the host Predators and the back-to-back defending Stanley Cup Champion Tampa Bay Lightning. It’s the first outdoor game to be played in Nashville and also the first outdoor game in which the Lightning will be playing.