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NBA Approves Two More Ad Spots on Uniforms for 2022

Today, the National Basketball Association’s board of governors approved two more corporate advertisement placement options on team uniforms. Merry Christmas!

According to ESPN’s Nick DePaula, the league will allow teams to wear a 3″x3″ advertisement patch on their shooting shirts and warmup jackets beginning with the current 2021-22 season. Patches can be added to either the right sleeve or on the left chest of the jackets and shooting shirts (team’s choice) and don’t necessarily need to be the same company that already advertises on their jerseys. DePaula notes that any deals must be reviewed and approved by the league, meaning we likely won’t see these on the court until the new year.

This new shooting shirt/warmup jacket patch option expands the existing program announced in 2016, which first allowed teams to add corporate advertisement patches to the front of their jerseys. The NBA became the first of the “big four” North American sports leagues to permit advertisements on their uniforms. The NHL soon followed, first allowing logos on helmets before expanding to include jerseys beginning the fall of 2022.

According to DePaula’s article, the NBA’s corporate logo patch option has generated an additional $5 million – $10 million for most teams per season, with the Lakers and Warriors each pulling in $20 million per year.

A sampling of some of the initial NBA jersey ads upon the program’s debut in 2017

As with the jersey ads, these new shooting shirt patches are optional. Currently, 28 of the league’s 30 teams have jersey ad deals; nowadays, it’s just the Memphis Grizzlies and Washington Wizards running around out there patch-free.