AS Saint-Étienne Unveils New Crest as Voted on by Fans

With the dust settled on a fan vote, French Ligue 1 side AS Saint-Étienne have landed on a new crest for next season.

In late November 2021, the club asked its fans to vote on which one of three finalist designs should become its new crest, to be officially adopted on July 1, 2022 — in time for the start of the 2022-23 Ligue 1 season. The results of that vote were announced on Jan. 1, 2022, with Option #1 taking the victory. It garnered 61% of the nearly 16,000 votes cast.

“A combination of digital inspiration and marked Saint-Etienne origins, the chosen logo, with its unique typography, features a dynamic, resolutely futuristic blazon form without denying the past.” (translated to English by Google)

Saint-Étienne consulted with supporters and conducted workshops throughout October and November 2021 before opening up the vote. Through those efforts, they identified several elements that they wanted to include on any potential new crest:

  1. Coat of arms or shield shape.
  2. Blue/red/white star signifying 10 French league championships.
  3. The club initials (“ASSE”).
  4. The club’s home city (“Saint-Étienne”).
  5. The year the club turned professional (1933).
  6. The club’s home department (“Loire”).
  7. Green and white stripes.

The winning crest also incorporates two palm fronds, three croisettes and a crown from the coat of arms of the city of Saint-Étienne.

Courtesy Wikipedia

The new crest will have an alternate version where oak and laurel branches — “symbols of strength and eternity” also found in the coat of arms — are added in “mainly institutional” applications.


“With this new emblem, ASSE carries values ​​dear to the city of Saint-Étienne: respect for heritage, combativeness and innovation. With its associated visual identity, they will take effect at the start of the 2022-2023 season.” (translated to English by Google)

The current Saint-Étienne crest has been in use since 1992. The new crest will be the eighth that the club has used throughout its history. Read more about Saint-Étienne’s historical crests on their website: Part 1 and Part 2.

Feature photo courtesy @ASSEofficiel / Twitter