Buffalo Beauts Logos and Uniform History

The Buffalo Beauts are a professional women’s hockey team playing in the Premier Hockey Federation (formerly National Women’s Hockey League, NWHL) since the 2015-16 season. They play out of the Northtown Center in the Buffalo suburb of Amherst, New York and have won a single Isobel Cup Championship in 2016-17.


Buffalo Beauts Logo (2015/16 to Now)

The Buffalo Beauts have had just one primary logo in their team’s history. The logo shows a solitary black and white bison standing and facing the left, the bison is surrounded by a semi-circle of black stars over the top (a nod to the city flag) and the team name scripted below in white with black trim. Just above the bison’s head is a black and white crown, representative of The City of Buffalo’s nickname of “The Queen City”.


The Buffalo Beauts alternate logos include the crown from their primary logo isolated. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, this logo is in reference to Buffalo’s nickname of “The Queen City”. In addition to appearing on the Beauts primary logo, this crown is worn as a shoulder patch on both the Beauts black and light blue uniforms.

Prior to the 2017-18 season, the Buffalo Beauts introduced this logo based on the city flag of Buffalo, New York. It shows the City of Buffalo’s official seal, re-coloured to match the Beauts black and light blue colour scheme with a ring of black lightning bolts and black stars around it.

Buffalo Beauts alternate logo (2017/18 to Now)

The bolts, stars, and seal in this logo are all present on the City of Buffalo flag, however, on the flag, they are shown in white on an otherwise plain navy blue field.

Flag of the City of Buffalo, New York


For the 2021 season, the Buffalo Beauts wore two uniforms, one light blue and one black. The light blue option, shown below, features the Beauts primary logo of a black bison surrounded by stars on the chest above a series of black, blue, and white stripes at the waist and on each sleeve. The black stripe in all three locations houses a field of silver stars, laid out similar to the stars on the flag of the United States. The two alternate logos — a crown, and the City of Buffalo seal — are placed on the two shoulders, the collar is plain black, and the player’s number is white with black trim. On the back of the jersey, the player’s name is in white on a black nameplate and placed below the player’s number.

The Buffalo Beauts black jersey contains no striping at the waist and no contrasting collar colour, instead, we’re given a plain black jersey until we get to the elbows. The team’s primary logo is placed on the chest, the same alternate logos as seen on the light blue jersey appear on the shoulders of the black. The sleeve striping consists of a thin white and two thin blue stripes with a large black stripe with the field of stars within, from this last sleeve stripe to the wrist is a solid swatch of white. The player’s number is white with silver trim, player names are white on a black nameplate and again, placed on the back below the player’s number.

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