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PHF Unveils 2022 All-Star Showcase Logo and Jerseys

Today, the Premier Hockey Federation (previously the National Women’s Hockey League) unveiled the logo for their upcoming 2022 PHF All-Star Showcase on January 29th in Toronto.

Designed by Heartlent Group, the logo was inspired by the theme “Breaking Boundaries” and the host city of Toronto. It shows Toronto’s CN Tower rising above an interwoven series of stars and the PHF crown culminating into a maple leaf with an arrow pointing up.

In addition to a reference to the host city, the CN Tower represents the PHF’s players “reaching to new heights.” The logo is a classic case of everything representing everything — the intertwined star and shield are shown to be “crashing into” Toronto to convey that the PHF is “Breaking Boundaries.” This star design is also meant to show a compass because the PHF is both heading north for the game but also “headed in the right direction, following their ‘True North.'”

“As the Premier Hockey Federation kicks off its first All-Star game with a new name, HEARTLENT Group is thrilled to help celebrate the game and the league with a dynamic logo that embodies the dedication and vision of its players and staff,” said Elliot Gerard, Head of Creative at Heartlent Group, in the press release. “The 2022 PHF All-Star logo features several elements to showcase the idea of breaking boundaries representing the bold choices they are making to push the league forward and knocking down walls to do so.”

There are two references to the host Toronto Six, the bar at the bottom in which “TORONTO” is placed is taken from the primary Toronto Six logo, and there are six colours featured in the logo in all… because the team is called the Six.

Uniforms for the game were also released, designed by M. Style; the jersey design carries over the colourful look of the logo while also incorporating a map of Toronto into the base of the jersey.

Each of the three jerseys features the PHF logo on the chest, the 2022 PHF All-Star Showcase logo on one shoulder, and the player’s team logo on the other.

The 2022 PHF All-Star Showcase will feature 37 players representing all six of the PHF’s teams; it will air on TSN in Canada and stream live in the United States on ESPN+ on January 29th.