NBA Officially Unveils 2022 All-Star Game Jerseys

The National Basketball Association tonight officially unveiled and confirmed what we’d all been hoping was some terrible mistake… those leaked 2022 NBA All-Star jerseys are legit.

We tried to soften the blow a little bit when we confirmed these designs last week. Hopefully, that made things slightly easier to digest? Just trying to help.

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Anyways, you already know what they look like, but here they are:

I’ll concede that the maroon (that’s what they’re calling it) jersey isn’t bad, though I’d have liked to see some blue on it… but I honestly can’t understand what happened with that gray jersey, including those practically invisible player name and numbers.

Both jerseys don’t include a player number on the front, instead replaced with a giant NBA logo flanked by six stars (can I just assume each star represents 12½ of the league’s 75 seasons? More likely, it’s one for each of the six current divisions). The Jordan Brand logo replaces the Nike swoosh in the upper right corner, an advertisement for KIA automobiles in the upper left, “ALL-STAR” below everything.

On the back, the NBA’s 75th anniversary diamond is at the top and very large for a logo on the rear end of a basketball jersey; player numbers are below the diamond and finally, the player’s name is at the bottom.

I don’t like it, I don’t get it, for a 75th anniversary the jersey should have had a very retro and throwbacky feel, or they could’ve played off of that “Mixtape” theme they ran with for the City Edition uniforms this year and mashed a bunch of old All-Star jersey designs together. Either would’ve been great! This is a design with no history, no story, no tie to the host, a generic forgettable design that we’ll look back on someday and say “oh really? they wore that?”

Anyways, jerseys are available now right here. I’m a great salesperson, eh?