First Look at the Super Bowl LVII Logo, Held in Arizona in 2023

Super Bowl LVII Logo Super Bowl 57 Logo 2023 Arizona

The Los Angeles Rams are still popping the champagne, but we’re out here already looking at next year’s Super Bowl LVII logo, to be held in Arizona on February 12, 2023.

Today, we got our first look at the logo for Super Bowl LVII via a video that played during the NFL’s Super Bowl Host Committee handoff meeting. The logo follows the same updated style introduced for this year’s game in Los Angeles, with the Vince Lombardi Trophy placed behind the Roman numerals and a colourful host-area landscape design worked into said numerals.

With Super Bowl LVII set to be played at Arizona’s State Farm Stadium in Glendale, home of the Cardinals, the landscape design focuses on the state’s desert features, coloured in turquoise/teal, purple, and red with beams of light shining from the horizon replicating the design of the Arizona State Flag.

Keep in mind that the logo we see at the top of this post was via a screencap from a video showing the 3D version of the logo. The actual logo (such as the one we see on the football in Andrew’s Tweet above) may look a little flatter – fewer shadows, bevelling, and all that dimensional design – but the overall look will still be 99% what you see here in this post.

LINK: Complete Super Bowl Logo History

The National Football League switched to a standardized logo system for the Super Bowl in 2010, with Super Bowl XLV in February 2011 being the first to use the new logo. The thinking was the Super Bowl was such a grand event it needed a consistent brand, similar to the Olympic Games and their five coloured rings.

Super Bowl templated logo styles XL-LVII (2006-2023)

The result was the Vince Lombardi Trophy to take center stage with the entire logo taking on its silver and more different silver colour scheme and an overall metallic, shiny style. However, within a couple of years, it became clear that football fans missed unique elements with these logos – such as references to the host market or any colour whatsoever – and adjustments were made for Super Bowl LI when a little splash of colour was added. Six years later, Super Bowl LVI went all-in on the colourful look with the addition of palm trees set against a red sky at sunset.