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Photos Surface of Buffalo Sabres New 2022 Heritage Classic Jersey

The Buffalo Sabres “OneBuffalo” online shop got a little over-anxious tonight and posted the team’s yet-to-be-revealed 2022 Heritage Classic jersey a little early.

Thanks to a “Pre-Sale” hosted on the site, we have now got our first look at the retro-themed jersey the Sabres will wear when they host the Toronto Maple Leafs outdoors at Hamilton’s Tim Horton’s Field for the 2022 NHL Heritage Classic next month.

Buffalo will be wearing vintage white/cream with the team’s familiar crossed-sabre/leaping bison logo on the chest. The crest again features the new detailed embroidery incorporated by the club (and many other NHL teams) recently.

Buffalo Sabres 2022 Heritage Classic jersey (via
Buffalo Sabres 2022 Heritage Classic jersey (via

Laces in heritage white are worn at the base of the royal blue and gold collar, and Buffalo’s lightning-bolt-star design from the city’s flag is included on the inside back collar. Unlike past white Sabres jerseys featuring this logo, there is no shoulder yoke, but their alternate logo featuring a golden bison with “SABRES” written on its side in blue has been added to the left shoulder (we presume the 2022 Heritage Classic logo patch will go on the other).

Two sets of two thin gold and blue stripes are worn around the waist, and on each elbow, these two sets are separated by a wider band of that heritage white base colour.

LINK: Buffalo Sabres logo and uniform history

The site shows the back of the jersey with a serif-heavy, single colour name/number style, I think the actual lettering and numbers will be slightly different, and this was just added there as a quick placeholder. But, I base that on nothing other than this logo reporter’s intuition.

We’re still waiting to see what their opponents from Toronto will be wearing for the game; one thing we do know is that if the Sabres are wearing white, the Leafs will most certainly be wearing blue (or maybe green if they go the St. Pats route?). Stay tuned for that.