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T… T… Time to See the Maple Leafs 2022 Heritage Classic Jersey

The Toronto Maple Leafs are reaching out to their pasT with their 2022 NHL Heritage Classic jersey – the Leafs will wear the jersey outdoors against the Buffalo Sabres at Hamilton’s Tim Hortons Field on March 13th.

Unveiled tonight during the first intermission of their game against the Pittsburgh Penguins, the jersey places the logo of the 1918-19 Toronto Arenas on the chest, decorative felt embroidery on the white “T,” with “ARENAS” flanking it in blue.

At the very bottom of the jersey is a single white stripe, with no decoration on the sleeves aside from the player numbers, which also feature the same felt as the primary “T” crest.

The base of the jersey itself is a darker shade of blue than what the Leafs usually wear; this is more like a navy blue than the typical more-royal blue the team takes to the ice in.

It’s a relatively simple design; the “ARENAS” in blue on blue is a head-scratcher, though. While I would have preferred any number of other classic uniforms worn by the Leafs over the last century or so to base this design on, I wish for this design they would have omitted the “ARENAS” bit altogether (or at the very least make it white to match the “T”).

The original 1918-19 Arenas uniform, along with a throwback worn in 2017

It’s not a bad design by any stretch; it’s just a little plain, is all. I expected a little more. Frankly, for a game played at Tim Horton’s Field between the two teams Hockey Hall of Famer Tim Horton is most associated with, I was hoping to see a battle of the 1970s uniforms for the game… maybe next time.

The Maple Leafs uniform unveiling follows their future outdoor game opponents earlier today; we covered theirs one night prior when it was posted a tad early. The Sabres will be wearing a white jersey with the team’s more modern take on their original logo on the chest with no shoulder striping and four stripes around the waist and each arm.

Here’s the 2022 NHL Heritage Classic uniform matchup:

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