USFL Teams Unveil New Uniforms For Reboot Season

With the United States Football League set to kick off its reboot season this spring, the Birmingham Stallions, Pittsburgh Maulers, Tampa Bay Bandits, Houston Gamblers, New Jersey Generals, Michigan Panthers, New Orleans Breakers and Philadelphia Stars all unveiled their new uniforms on Thursday.

“With a focus on energizing our fans, the uniform and helmet designs reflect a 21st-century look for the new USFL,” president of football operations Brian Woods said in a statement. “The finished product is a collaborative effort by a remarkable group of professionals from across the United States. All eight of our teams will sport a fresh, distinctive style when they take the field starting April 16.”

The uniforms – which were designed by Joe Bosack & Co. and Studio Simon – are manufactured by Ripon Athletic while the helmets were made by Riddell, who actually hand-painted the designs for both the Panthers and Breakers.

“Our team uniforms and helmets confirm that the USFL is going to be an exciting brand of football,” Woods said. 

One consistent theme throughout the uniforms is the placement of the USFL logo on the front bumper and above the numbers on the chest. The uniforms are also not a signifiant departure from what the teams wore during the USFL’s original run.

With that said, a full breakdown of the uniforms can be found below:

Birmingham Stallions

Birmingham has a gold helmet with a red facemask, thick red stripe down the middle, partial version of its primary logo on both sides and a Stallions wordmark on the back bumper.

Both the red home jersey and white road jersey have contrasting numbers with a gold outline and a classic striping pattern on the sleeves, while the white pants include another thick red stripe. The look is complete with solid red socks.

Pittsburgh Maulers

Pittsburgh uses a purple helmet with a gray facemask, orange stripe down the middle, partial primary logo on both sides and a Maulers wordmark on the back bumper.

The purple home jersey features white numbers with an orange outline and contrasting orange yoke on the shoulders, while the white road jersey includes purple numbers with an orange outline and purple yoke. Both jerseys have the same logo as the helmet on the sleeves, as well as white pants with a solid purple stripe down the side and purple socks.

Tampa Bay Bandits

The Bandits have a gray helmet with a red facemask, a red stripe contained within a black stripe down the middle, their partial primary logo on the side and a Tampa Bay wordmark on the back bumper.

Both the red home jersey and white road jersey feature contrasting numbers with a black drop shadow, as well as the scarf-wearing bandit on the sleeves. The uniform is complete with gray pants featuring the same stripe as the helmet (albeit truncated toward the bottom) and a red socks.

Houston Gamblers

Houston’s black helmet is rather straightforward with a black facemask, partial primary logo on both sides and a Gamblers wordmark on the back bumper. So are the black home and white road jerseys, as they include contrasting numbers outlined in red on the front, back and the sleeves.

The black home jersey notably has a dark gray side panel to match the dark gray pants with a thick black stripe down the side, while the white road jersey has a black side panel that is oddly worn with same style of pants as what Tampa Bay unveiled.

New Jersey Generals

New Jersey gives off a very strong Rutgers vibe with a red helmet that features a white facemask, a partial primary logo on both sides and – interestingly – no back bumper. 

Both the red home jersey and white road jersey including contrasting numbers with a blue outline on the front, back and sleeves, as well as a five gold stars on the shoulders. The white pants, meanwhile, have a thick red stripe contained within two thin blue stripes, matching the contrasting collar and cuffs.

Michigan Panthers

Michigan stayed true to its original design with a “champagne silver” helmet that features a plum facemask and oversized panther logo on both sides that matches the silhouette of the Panthers’ current primary logo.

Both the plum home jersey and white road jersey have single-color numbers and a traditional striping pattern on the sleeves that includes the use of light blue. The same goes for the “champagne silver” pants, which appear to have a color grading issue in the release photos, and should match the helmet when worn on the field.

New Orleans Breakers

The Breakers will have a white helmet with a white facemask and the wave from wrapped all the way around the sides and back of the helmet. Another wave can be seen on the sleeves of both the home blue and white road jerseys, which include contrasting numbers with a light blue outline.

It appears New Orleans has two pairs of pants, one silver and one white with a blue, light blue and white or gray stripe, but that could also be a color grading issue with the graphics, leaving just the silver pants. Regardless, blue socks complete the look.

Philadelphia Stars

Last but not least, Philadelphia ditched its old gold helmets for athletic gold (or yellow) helmets with a red facemask and drop shadow-like star logo on both sides. That effect is carried over to the helmet stripe and panels down the side of the red home, white road jerseys and athletic gold pants.

The red home jersey includes athletic gold numbers with a white outline, while the white road jersey features red numbers and an athletic gold outline. The uniform is finished off with red socks and the partial primary logo on the left chest, something no other USFL team has on its uniform.

As mentioned, the 2022 USFL season will kick off on April 16, with each team playing its 10-game schedule in Birmingham, Ala. The playoffs and championship game, meanwhile, will be held at Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium in Canton, Ohio.

Header photo courtesy of @USFL on Twitter.