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Major League Baseball’s 2022 Spring Training Caps Released

The sweet sounds of Spring Training have been muted so far this February. However, we’re still getting a look at what baseball’s best would have been (or more hopefully, will soon be) wearing during the Major Leagues’ annual slate of drills, warmups, and exhibition contests.

New Era’s 2022 Major League Baseball Spring Training Cap collection features a mesh back this season, something we haven’t seen since the standardization of the Spring Training cap began in 1999. New Era added this new mesh backing to “allow for more breathability.” On the front of each cap is the team logo embroidered in a simplified colorway; in most cases, the logo’s primary colour matches that of the crown, with just a secondary colour acting as a trim.

In the photo above, you can see there’s a side patch on each cap featuring either a cactus or a palm tree design within a blue baseball diamond. The side patch represents the team’s Spring Training site – a cactus for teams that play in the Arizona-based Cactus League and a palm tree for those in the Grapefruit League throughout Florida.

Here’s a look at the 2022 Spring Training caps for all thirty Major League Baseball teams:

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Most choices are relatively standard, with about two-thirds of the clubs going with a colour-simplified version of their usual regular season cap logo. Some teams, such as Milwaukee, Colorado, Seattle, and Tampa Bay, are using “partial logos” (a single element from an already existing logo — I love the Rays cap here!), while a handful are reaching back into their past to pull out old designs — see the Chicago White Sox and their 1917 design, the Minnesota Twins coming out of nowhere with their 1987-2012 “M” logo, and the St. Louis Cardinals angry bird design from the 1950s. Oakland has brought back the Kelly green of their clubs from the ’70s while retaining their modern logo.

One team which steers away from the norm is the San Francisco Giants, who have added a miniature “SF” logo to the lower right corner of their crown. I’m not sure why the Giants are doing this; some teams do have branding guidelines that state merchandise cannot use certain logos unless they’re placed close to another team logo (the Blue Jays did this with their maple leaf caps, too). The Giants may have a rule with their City Connect “G” logo.

Overall, it’s a pretty strong set compared to years past, especially for a colour-on-colour series – which is a style I typically despise. I might have to grab that Rays cap, not gonna lie.

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