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Nike, Premier League Launch Third Ball for Homestretch of 2021-22 Season

As teams in England’s Premier League head into spring and the final stretch of their 2021-22 seasons, they’ll be doing so with a new Nike ball.

Nike and the Premier League launched the new ball on Wednesday, March 2. It is still the Nike Flight model that has been used all season, but in a different colorway. The base is white, with an abstract “baltic blue” graphic and “laser crimson” circles. Graphics and logos appear in black.

Photo courtesy SoccerBible

The graphic on the ball is “inspired by organic connectivity.” The crimson circles are being touted as “signal pods,” which sit above other graphics and allow players to “read the pace and spin of the ball better.”

The ball itself once again features Nike’s Aerowsculpt technology, which improves consistency and results in truer flight, and All Conditions Control technology, which ensures a consistent touch in both wet and dry conditions.

The Premier League’s third ball for 2021-22, to be used from March to May. (Photo courtesy SoccerBible)
The Premier League’s hi-vis ball for 2021-22, used from November to February. (Photo courtesy Footy Headlines)
The Premier League’s initial Nike Flight ball for 2021-22, used from August to October. (Photo courtesy Premier League)

The new ball will see its first action this weekend, starting with Leicester City hosting Leeds United on Saturday at 7:30 a.m. ET.

Feature photo courtesy SoccerBible