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Portland Sea Dogs to play as Maine Bean Suppahs

The Portland Sea Dogs will take on one of their home state’s favorite meals—and social occasions—as a temporary identity this summer. The Sea Dogs, who have previously played as the Maine Whoopie Pies and Maine Red Snappers, will add Bean Suppahs, New England accent and all, to the menu.

Bean suppers, or suppahs in New England, are a tradition going back centuries where community members gather at churches and food halls. A Maine bean supper often includes brown bread, baked beans, and franks—or red snappers, if you’re in to the local version of the fare.

“Much like attending a Sea Dogs game, bean suppahs have been an excellent way to bring the community together,” stated Sea Dogs President & General Manager Geoff Iacuessa, on the team’s website. “We are excited to combine these two great traditions for a fun night at the ballpark where fans can enjoy a bean suppah and our National Pastime.”

The Bean Suppahs will take the field in specially designed uniforms and caps August 13.