A Detailed Look at MLB’s 2022 Spring Training Logos and Caps

Better late than never, right? Major League Baseball is back! Suddenly the extremely long winter that’s been everpresent just outside the doors here at SportsLogos.Net HQ doesn’t quite seem so bleak and depressing.

With the return of the Major Leagues comes the sudden beginning of Spring Training, which means a whole new bounty of commemorative logos and special 2022 Spring Training caps to play with.

First, we’ll take a look at the 2022 Spring Training logos.

As with any “jewel event,” which Spring Training is considered, there is a rather beefy style guide attached to it with logos for just about every possible reason that may arise… Need a Spring logo on white? No problem. How about a Grapefruit League logo on yellow? We gotcha! A Cactus League logo on a lime green background? … Checkity Check!


MLB 2022 Spring Training primary logo on transparent background
MLB 2022 Spring Training primary logo

The primary 2022 Spring Training logo features a transparent silhouette of a cactus and a palm tree (representing Arizona and Florida, respectively) on a red scribble pattern with a 22 to the right in red. The league’s traditional “Batterman” logo in Spring Training blue, white, and Spring Training red (all of which are considerably lighter than the usual MLB shades of red and blue) is to the left. “Spring Training” is laid out in blue at centre stage in Quoten Black typeface above the two locations of training camps, “Arizona” and “Florida” in red in Integral CF Bold (same typeface as the “22” higher up in the logo). Below it all is the sponsor’s logo, Camping World, in white on a blue rounded rectangle.

Here’s the 2022 Spring Training primary logo as it is to be displayed on various backgrounds:

For instances where the Spring Training logo needs to be applied in an overtly horizontal space, a unique variation of the graphic exists; I’m referring to this as the “Wordmark” logo:

2022 MLB Spring Training wordmark logo on transparent background
2022 Spring Training wordmark logo

It’s the same Quoten Black typeface for “Spring Training” and Integral CF for the 22, but things have been condensed a bit. The vegetation silhouettes are gone from the scribble, replaced with the “22”; the Camping World logo is now stacked, training camp location names have been removed.

Here’s that same logo on different coloured backgrounds:

Looking back at some Spring Training logos in recent years, you can see a shift in style occurred in the late 2010s, around the time the league re-designated its Spring Training as a “jewel event.”

Logo history of Spring Training from 2010 through 2022
MLB Spring Training logo history: 2010-2022

LINK: Full history of Baseball’s Spring Training logos

The re-designation happened in 2018 when you started seeing teams wearing Spring-specific league-wide jersey patches for the first time. The Camping World branding was added in 2019 and has remained for the four camps held since.


MLB 2022 Spring Training Grapefruit League logo on transparent background
2022 Spring Training Grapefruit League logo

Down East, the Grapefruit League is setting up in the State of Florida, and with that comes two primary logos from Major League Baseball in 2022. The first logo shown above places the silhouette of a palm tree on a Grapefruit Yellow scribble with “Grapefruit League” scripted over it in black. In the lower right corner is the Major League Baseball logo coloured Spring Training blue / white / Grapefruit Yellow to match. Below is the stacked Camping World sponsor logo.

The other primary logo for the Grapefruit League is much more like the primary Spring Training logo — just with all references to Arizona and cacti removed, of course.

MLB 2022 Spring Training Grapefruit League logo on transparent background
2022 Spring Training Grapefruit League logo

The “Spring Training” lettering has been replaced with “Grapefruit League,” the “22” has been moved from the top right to the bottom right, and a scripted Florida state abbreviation of “Fl” has been added in its place. The colours throughout are Spring Training Blue and Grapefruit Yellow.


MLB 2022 Spring Training Cactus League Logo on transparent background
2022 Spring Training Cactus League Logo

Just like what’s happening in “The Sunshine State,” the folks in Arizona are setting up for their own Spring Training slate in what we affectionately refer to as the Cactus League. Again, like the Grapefruit logos we saw above, there are two primary logos that follow the same theme. This version of the Cactus League logo shows a cactus silhouette on a “Cactus Green” scribble of colour with “Cactus League” scripted over it in black. The MLB logo in the bottom right in Spring Training is blue / white / Cactus Green, and the Camping World logo stacked below.

And again, much like the Grapefruit League, there is a Cactus League specific version of that primary Spring Training logo:

MLB 2022 Spring Training Cactus League Logo on a transparent background
2022 Spring Training Cactus League Logo

Perhaps due to the difference in length of the names of the two “Leagues,” the year’s placement is shifted back up to the top in this version of the logo. “Cactus League” is presented in Spring Training blue below a Cactus Green scribble with a silhouette of a cactus within it and Arizona’s state abbreviate of “Az” scripted in black on top of it all.


Each of the 30 Major League training camps throughout Arizona and Florida this Spring will have its own stripped-down, personalized version of the 2022 Spring Training logo. The main feature is that scribble of colour (adjusted to match each team’s colour scheme) seen throughout all the versions of the Spring Training logos with each team’s abbreviated name within it and the state location of their camp scripted beside it in a team colour. The club’s logo is included to the left of the entire design for all teams.

These team-specific Spring logos won’t be used all too often; you may see them used on digital graphics when teams announce their 2022 Spring Training schedules or maybe on the odd bit of merchandise – t-shirts, lanyards, gameday programs, pins, etc.


Moving away from logos, a new collection of team caps was also introduced for the 2022 Spring Training schedule. This new line from New Era features mesh backing (otherwise known as “Trucker” style) with single-coloured team logos designed to blend into their crowns.

Each cap features a patch on the right side showing a ball diamond with either a cactus silhouette or a palm tree on a scribble of colour. Yes, just like all those logos earlier in the post! Brand consistency in action!

Some teams, such as the Cardinals, Twins, and White Sox, brought back retro style logos for their caps; others such as the Brewers, Rockies, Nationals, and Mariners used alternate or “partial” logos. Most clubs simply retained their usual regular season look (re-colouring aside).

And that’s it for your 2022 Spring Training logos and caps! Welcome back, baseball; I so desperately needed your distraction.