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MLB Releases 2022 St. Patrick’s Day Cap Collection for All 30 Teams

St. Patrick’s Day will be a little extra special in baseball this year as it’ll be when some Spring ball games actually get underway!

Yes, due to that labour lockout, Spring Training games will start about three weeks later than usual in 2022, giving us a Spring Opening Day of March 17th for four (Diamondbacks, Rockies, Red Sox, Twins) of the league’s 30 teams.

It does raise the question: if 87% of teams won’t be playing on St. Patrick’s Day, will MLB clubs even bother wearing green St. Patrick’s Day caps in 2022? Well, it’s a good ‘un, and one I, unfortunately, am unable to provide an answer. All I know is Major League Baseball *has* released its 2022 St. Patrick’s Day cap collection, so… maybe. My hunch is we’ll see the teams that didn’t play on the 17th instead wear them on the 18th (or 19th, in the case of the Mets and White Sox, who each start two days late, but by then it might be a little too late to get away with it).

With all that in mind, let’s take a look at what we’re working with here:

The designs are identical to the 2022 Spring Training caps, “trucker” mesh style and all, just everything re-coloured green and white. Even the little mini-me Giants “SF” logo made it over to the St. Paddy’s Day set. The only difference, aside from colour, between these and the regular Spring designs is that it appears the Spring Training patch doesn’t go on the right side anymore. We also have a fun little shamrock clover replacing the baseball on the MLB logo on the rear.

Here’s the entire league:

You can purchase your very own 2022 St. Patrick’s Day cap right now, available in regular style or low profile via our affiliate link right here.