Leafs Goalies, Players Preview St. Pats Gear

The Toronto Maple Leafs will wear their second commemorative uniform in less than a week. Tomorrow night, March 17, 2022, against the Carolina Hurricanes, the Leafs will be wearing their 1920s-inspired Toronto St. Pats throwback set to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

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One day before the game, the Leafs broke in the new gear by trying things out during their off-day skate at the Mastercard Performance Centre in Etobicoke. This gave us a good look at some fantastic goalie equipment awaiting us.

The more we can get goalies to wear that old-timey all-leather look for these throwback games, the better! Masks for both goaltenders have also been decorated to match the green and white uniforms:

Points for The Leprechaun reference!

Players also got ready for the game by wearing their St. Pats helmets, gloves, breezers, socks, and St. Pats branded practice gear (hey, go all in or don’t bother going in at all, right?)

The Maple Leafs have been wearing St. Pats-inspired throwback uniforms for games held on (or around) St. Patrick’s Day for several seasons now. Here’s a look at team captain John Tavares in the green and whites last season in Ottawa on March 16, 2021:

The Toronto St. Pats played six-and-a-half seasons in the National Hockey League kicking things off in 1919-20 and running on until they changed their name midway through the 1926-27 season to the Maple Leafs.

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Though the St. Pats ended things off in such a sorry state that the team nearly had to relocate, they did see some serious success in using the name, including a Stanley Cup Championship in 1922. Oh, and that 1922 Stanley Cup Final, Game One was played appropriately enough on March 17. How about that?

All photos via Toronto Maple Leafs Instagram account