Flyers Wear Patch to Honour Claude Giroux’s 1000th Game

Oh captain, my captain!

The Philadelphia Flyers will honour their longtime captain Claude Giroux with a commemorative jersey patch and matching warmup jerseys tonight against the Nashville Predators in honour of the 1000th game of his career.

The patch features Giroux’s jersey number 28 in orange with the Flyers primary logo placed on top of it in the middle, Giroux’s autograph is stitched in white and the note “1,000 NHL GAMES PLAYED” has been added below in white. The entire patch is on black trimmed with white.

LINK: Philadelphia Flyers logo and uniform history

Giroux began his NHL career with the Flyers during the 2007-08 season, in his fifteen seasons in the league (all of which with the Flyers), Giroux has tallied 291 goals, and 609 assists for a nice round total of 900 points. He’s played in seven NHL All-Star Games (including the 2022 game just last month).