Baseball’s New Mesh Cap Results in Sunburn for ChiSox Player

Last month, Major League Baseball and New Era introduced a new mesh-backed “trucker” style cap for Spring Training games. The style, which involves a few thousand holes in the back of the hat, was developed with player comfort in mind to help keep them cool under the hot sun of Arizona and Florida.

One thing they apparently forgot to consider was the effect of that hot, hot sun on the skulls of our more follically challenged ballplayers. Enter Chicago White Sox third baseman Jake Burger who shared precisely what happens on his Twitter account yesterday:

Youch. Perhaps Jake’s too young to remember the Mary Schmich-penned Baz Luhrmann hit from 1998, but if I could offer you only one tip for the future, sunscreen would be it.

The White Sox, like all teams, are wearing mesh-backed caps this Spring

Baseball’s new Spring Training cap faced some criticism amongst the cap collecting communities for the mesh backing, with many claiming the alteration made the caps appear “cheap” or “unprofessional.” Several ballplayers have worn versions of these caps without mesh backings, including Houston’s Justin Verlander.

No mesh on the back of Justin Verlander’s cap
The mesh caps are meant to help players keep cool during Spring Training games

Is this enough to force New Era into a new direction for Spring Training 2023? I certainly hope so.

Do you like the mesh-backed caps? Let me hear all about it in the comments.