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Philadelphia Eagles To Introduce Black Alternate Helmet In 2022

In addition to the Kelly green throwback uniforms that will return in 2023, Philadelphia Eagles chairman and CEO Jeffrey Lurie announced on Tuesday afternoon the team will also have black alternate helmets at its disposal this fall.

“We’re also allowed, in the meantime, to have a second helmet,” Lurie said. “So, what we’re going to do for this season is to have a black helmet because we have a black jersey and our players love wearing black – and they love wearing all-black – so we’re going to match the black jersey with a black helmet, and that will be this coming season.”

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Philadelphia first wore black alternate jerseys with white or green pants in 2003, then added black pants to the rotation in 2014. That became their go-to look under the NFL’s Color Rush promotion – which went league-wide in 2016 – but could obviously only be worn with the midnight green lid due to the NFL’s one-helmet rule.

The Eagles are now officially the second team to announce plans to wear a second helmet in 2022, something that is now permitted after the league scrapped the rule this offseason. The other team also resides in the NFC East, as the Washington Commanders introduced a black alternate helmet with their recent rebrand, as well.

The Seattle Seahawks and Tampa Bay Buccaneers have also announced plans to wear throwback uniforms – complete with a second helmet – but won’t be able to do so until 2023 due to global supply chain issues. The same goes for the New England Patriots, whose Hall of Fame announced in December their “Pat Patriot” throwback uniforms would be returning.

That said, the Eagles will only wear the black helmet in 2022. However, Lurie’s hope is that the league will expand its helmet rule in 2023 and allow them to keep the black lids in the rotation alongside their midnight green and Kelly green helmets.

Photo courtesy of @Eagles on Twitter.