Wizards Join Nats With New Pink Cherry Blossom Uniforms

For all you out there waiting years and years for the day a sports team would come out with a cherry blossom-themed uniform, well, today’s your day! Kick-off your shoes, lean back, have a cherry cola.

This morning, the NBA’s Washington Wizards unveiled their 2022-2023 NBA “Bloom” City Edition uniform, matching the leak of this design back in February. The uniform was released eight months before it’ll be worn to be in coordination with baseball’s Washington Nationals who also revealed their own cherry blossom-themed uniform this morning (the Nats will wear theirs much sooner than the Wiz, taking the field with the new look on April 9).

“We are excited to announce our Cherry Blossom jersey today and look forward to seeing them on the court next season,” Monumental Sports & Entertainment Chief Marketing Officer Hunter Lochmann said in the press release. “Our great partnership with Nike and the Nationals and the timing of D.C.’s Cherry Blossom Festival have allowed us to be the first NBA team to announce our 2022-23 City Edition uniform. We know Wizards fans have been asking for a Cherry Blossom jersey for some time, so we are glad it’s come to fruition.”

The base of the new Wizards City Edition uniform is almost entirely pink; only a slight gradient from pink to blue rises from the bottom of the shorts to symbolize “the blossoms on the water of the tidal basin”.

LINK: Washington Wizards logo and uniform history

Across the chest is the Wizards’ usual “Washington” lettering but modified to replace the tittle over the “i” with a cherry blossom. This cherry blossom design is stripped of colour and repeated up both sides of the jersey and shorts. Around the neck and the sleeves are white and blue trim, the waistband of the shorts is the team’s “District” wordmark which we’ve seen on previous Wizards City Edition jerseys.

At some point between now and the fall, the Wizards will also unveil a matching court design that will be used in the games that they’re wearing this new set.

The new Washington Wizards City Edition jersey won’t be available to purchase until November, so set a reminder on your phone if you’re interested in picking one up.