HFX Wanderers Wear Provincial Pride on their Sleeves with 2022 Alternate Kit

Canadian Premier League side HFX Wanderers FC are wearing their provincial pride on their sleeves — and their collars, backs and hems — with their new alternate kits for the 2022 season.

The alternate kits were unveiled at an event on Saturday, April 2. The base of the jersey is “naval grey,” paying homage to the province’s nautical history. But on the collar, sleeve cuffs, hem inserts and back collar, you’ll find colours “inspired by” the official tartan of Nova Scotia.

The tartan of Nova Scotia — Latin for “New Scotland” — was first designed in 1953. According to the Scottish Register of Tartans, the colours represent:

  • the blue of the sea and sky;
  • the dark and light greens of the evergreens and deciduous trees;
  • the white of the rocks and coastline surf;
  • the gold of Nova Scotia’s Royal Charter; and
  • the red from the lion rampant on the province’s crest.
Nova Scotia provincial tartan. (Courtesy TartanRegister.gov.uk)

The tartan used on the Wanderers’ jerseys differs from the official provincial tartan with a light green base instead of blue, as well as the addition of purple and black.

The club is going even further with the tartan theme by using it on the numbers on the back of the jersey. So far, the Wanderers are the only CanPL club to use a pattern instead of a solid colour on their numbers in the new league font.

Courtesy @HFXWanderersFC / Twitter

HFX Wanderers start their 2022 CanPL season with three straight away matches against York United, Atlético Ottawa and Pacific FC. They play their home opener on Saturday, April 30, against FC Edmonton.

Feature photo courtesy Canadian Premier League