Wichita Wind Surge pay homage to historic bathtub race as Turbo Tubs

The Wichita Wind Surge announced a new alternate identity, Turbo Tubs, that pays homage to a tradition of racing antique bathtubs on the Arkansas River. The Turbo Tubs identity, created by Todd Radom, who also created the team’s primary brand, is has distinct identifiers specific to the city.

Per the team, “The wind sail and jet engines propel the porcelain bathtub onward, paying homage to the tub races once seen in the Arkansas River. The troll found along the water walk, near the Keeper of the Plains, takes charge as captain, bringing to life the fable tales heard by young and old throughout the community.”

The logo includes a color palette that evokes sunsets of the Midwest.

“Throughout the branding process of the team, we told the community we would change the name numerous times,” said Wind Surge Director of Fan Experience Bob Moullette. “During the development of the primary identity, The Wind Surge, we knew The Tubs would eventually become an alternate identity or alter-ego. Our Wind Surge logo is classic, but The Tubs logo represents many things Wichitans love about this great city while incorporating the playful side of MiLB.”

The team will wear its alternate identity for every Thursday home game during the 2022 season, except Cinco de Mayo.